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Evil Owl: Updated and Available

evil owl

Evil Owl… Yeah remember him from 2013? Well… EVIL OWL IS BACK. By that I mean Evil Owl is available at the respective shops. Back in my heavy handed days with the Wacom tablet. I managed to sketch out a few owl drawings for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves owls. She didn’t love this one. It is somewhat terrifying. …

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melt man

Well would ya look at that? Melt Man is back in glorious HD color. Melt Man spirals out of control! Man, I can honestly say I have no idea what I was thinking with this drawing. What is it!? It’s like a lemon got thrown into a black hole leading to an alternate dimension. That lemon also has a beak… …

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Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

rascal feat

Tote bag | T-shirt | Zip Up Hoody | Towels | Wall clocks | Pillows | Mug | Laptop sleeve | Shower curtain | Stationery cards | Leggings | All Over Print Shirt | iPhone case/skins | Duvet Cover | Wall Tapestry | THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6! I’ve been going through …

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Enter the Dope-Ness

Feel the dopeness of Dope-Ness. A little simple, fairly uniform drawing I had an idea for after scoping out some cool clothing graphic t-shirts. A more classic cartoon style. Kinda out of my wheel house. Trying to expand into different styles to stretch my brain out if that makes any sense. I came across an old drawing of Gangster Ness …

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Winston Brick’s Sweet Kicks

Winston Bricks making a comeback! I came across my dapper buddy here and said “why the heck isn’t he existing on Redbubble or Society 6?” Well, now he is! Everybody’s favorite office gorilla/tiki/frankenstein man can be yours on a variety of projects! crazy right? It’s crazy. This was part of the last Inktober I took part in. Never really got …

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Men’s Graphic Tees Now Available!

MEN’S GRAPHIC TEES!? Redbubble has been pumping out new products like crazy! Some of them I’ve been meh about but their new addition of these tees is pretty cool. I’m happy to see they’re doing the all-over prints but I’d like to see those sleeves get printed too. Society 6 can do it! C’maaan Redbubs. Still though, some of them …

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Siva Crab Merch

Behold! The Siva Crab! Now transcending through several products across the galaxy at Redbubble and Society 6 ! Oh boy, what joy!

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