Chiffon Tops at the RB

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Great Horned Owl | chiffon top owl
FEED ME YOUR PLANETS |chiffon top feed me your planets
Irradiated Gorilla Brains | Irradiated Gorilla Brains chiffon top
Liquid Fever | Liquid Fever chiffon top
How To Make a Homemade Mummy | How to Make a Homemade Mummy chiffon top
BLYL#1 Inverse| BLYL1 chiffon top
eyePhone | eye phone chiffon top
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Chiffon tops are now available at Redbubble for all you sexy ladies out there.

Or dudes too! If you like chiffon tops! They have actually been there for a bout a month now. I’m just dropping the ball with the featured merch section here.

They’re printed similarly to the Graphic T-shirts. Here’s the run down on that sweet, sweet chiffon:

Front panel is edge-to-edge custom printed just for you
Sublimation transfer print technique embeds dye into the fabric allowing it to stay soft and drapey
Option of black or white back panel, sleeves and binding
Slightly sheer 100% Polyester chiffon with silky handfeel, ideal for wearing as a layering piece with your faithful cami or bralette
Loose cropped boxy style fit

Whoa! That’s some serious chiffon stuff right there! RIGHT!? Some of my designs work better than others (I particularly enjoy the Great Horned Owl and Liquid Fever which can be seen in the slideshow above).  Redbubz is pumping out some serious new products. I can barely keep up. Just released iPhone Wallets which are awesome. They’re releasing Contrast Tanks and Graphic Dresses in the very near future too. Got my work cut out for me here, my pals.

Make sure to check out these sweet tops at my Redbubble shop. I’m still in the process of tweaking some of them to fit the format better. I really enjoy shirts that take up the full chest so this is cool to me. Also it’s an interesting material. Also a hot babe models them, so that’s cool too.

I’m going to be putting up some more featured merch stuff. Want to show a variety of products and pick my personal favorites to display. iPhone Wallets next!

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