Check out some speed sketches!

Abstracto Maxo speed recording

Sometimes  ya just need to turn your brain off and let your hand walk. It’s kind of relaxing. It’s relaxing unless you’re recording yourself doing it and you feel an intense rising pressure to not mess up. Then you start drawing a lot of weird rainbow things and  bearded faces. Also, your tiki obsession begins to reveal itself. This was …

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Banana Zombie speed sketch

The Zombie Monday stretch. I remember that. You had Urkel, you had Doug, you had the Muppet Babies. And then you had this… Banana. My question to myself is why is it that the banana not only was the only zombie drawing to get a video, but the most involved video at that. It’s a friggin’ banana. I remember this …

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SHUT UP speed recording

Here’s the speed sketch for Shut UP! Kickin’ Ninja Turtles tunes included. Watch yer tongue boy.

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