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My cousin-in-law (if that’s a thing) Dylan asked me to throw together some designs for a release of 2 new songs and of course I said hell yeah. The songs are rad. I was laying in bed listening to the tracks and damn I was impressed. I got the idea for The Last of the Elephants immediately. Ran it by …

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The Bois In the Band: Bran Stan Band Gig Posters

I’ve been working on some stuff for The Bran Stan Band. One was a sweet island theme (above) makin’ me feel warm and fuzzy. Miss those summer days pals. Holy shit I had fun with that one, from start to finish. Built everything from scratch including the font. The other used the Duck Billed Elephant (below). Loaned my boi Bran …

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Sketchbook Friday: Hail to the King

Yuh-oh. It’s time for another… Sketchbook Friday This time the Elephant King is making his debut appearance. He’s a simple fellow. Nice, luxurious robe. Floating crown. Equipped with a sword of glory and grace. I was tinkering with different styles for this. I really wanted it to be a simple drawing. Some of these are too simple. I’m going to …

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Elephant King on Redbubble

Shirt | Wall Tapestry | Laptop Sleeve | iPad Case | Hoodie (back) | Mug | Drawstring Bag | Greeting Card | Just wanted to let my pals know that the Elephant King is uploaded on Redbubble on a bunch of different stuff. Well… All the stuff available. Check out the slider above to see some of the available products! …

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Elephant King of Spades Wielding Blades

elephant king

Elephant King is here. Haveth no fear. The King of Spades wielding dual blades. Elephant King is a siamese nightmare! This guy visited my nightmare one night as I fell into a distant slumber during a couch nap. It was horrifying for some reason. The elephant brothers reflecting one another. Defending their honor. Defending the honor of the spade. I …

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trunk bump feat

TRUNK BUMP, BRO! BOUNCE SHOT! AWW YEAH FUNNEL THE DRINK, BRO! That’s what I’m imagining an elephant frat house sounds like. Getting drunk and goring each other with their tusks over some elephant babe. Then they apologize, trunk bump and go “I’M SORRY BRO. YOU KNOW YOU’RE MY BRO!” This was fun. Like, a lot of fun. I had no …

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Elephart Brings the Ele-PHUNK

Elephart is BACK and he’s bring that PHUNK. By popular demand, Elphart pops into the Society6 and Redbubble shops. 

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