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I’m Afraid I Am the Future Man Stuff

a hat for the futurea clock for the futurea pad for the futurea sticker for the future I‘m Afraid I Am the Future Man stuff is available at Redbubble. Accept your inevitable future man

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Elephant King on Redbubble

Shirt | Wall Tapestry | Laptop Sleeve | iPad Case | Hoodie (back) | Mug | Drawstring Bag | Greeting Card | Just wanted to let my pals know that the Elephant King is uploaded on Redbubble on a bunch of different stuff. Well… All the stuff available. Check out the slider above to see some of the available products! …

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Spruce the Moose Merch

Wall Tapestry | Stickers | Drawstring Bag | Throw Pillow | Contrast Tank | Hardcover Journal | Tri-Blend T-shirt | iPhone Case/Skin | Clock | Duvet Cover | Laptop Sleeve | Mug | Ladies and gents. Here he is. The master of disaster. SPRUCE THE MOOSE. BEHOLD his glory on many things available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop. Got …

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Great Ape Merch Now Available

great ape

Great Ape isn’t messin’ around okay? He’s not… Monkeyin’ around either! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. The Great Ape is now available at the Redbubble shop in tons and tons of formats. I put almost every format you can purchase this love on above. And this just in: Great Ape is now at the Society 6 shop too! And lemme tell you right …

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Primitive Primate Available Now!

Primitive Primate

Primitive Primate. Meditating. Levitating. It doesn’t matter, because this primate is the PRIME APE.  I originally called this one Primitive Possum of Transcendence, but now looking back on it, I think it looks more like a monkey. One cool monkey who can defy gravity and has a gross tail. Or is that his viscera? I hope not. Primitive Primate is …

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Intergalactic Intelligence Available Now

Intergalactic Intelligence

Intergalactic Intelligence is now beaming through the galaxy and straight into a Redbubble store near you! Look at him! His lobes just pulsating! His eyes… So vascular. All seeing… All knowing… That’s some intergalactic intelligence, ya know? I changed this one up a bit, I admit. Tried something new with the composition because I thought the brain portion of the …

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Forsaken Totem Now Available

Forsaken Totem

Forsaken Totem (F of the Awful Alphabet) is available NOW at the Redbubble shop! It’s also up on Society6 for anyone who gives a fart. Purchase at your own risk dude. Legend has it that the forsaken totem will steal a traveler’s soul if the totem’s mask looked upon. That’s some scary voodoo stuff right there. Do you want your …

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Magnetic Master Merch

Magnetic Master

Magnetic Master merch (sweet alliteration, bro) updated and ready to roll. I know you’re attracted to this particular design, heh… Heh. The Magnetic Master manipulating metals. This guy is my FAVORITE ROBOT MASTER OF ALL TIME. His theme music was so good. I used to be obsessed with it. To the point where I’d be driving in my car listening …

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Men’s Graphic Tees Now Available!

MEN’S GRAPHIC TEES!? Redbubble has been pumping out new products like crazy! Some of them I’ve been meh about but their new addition of these tees is pretty cool. I’m happy to see they’re doing the all-over prints but I’d like to see those sleeves get printed too. Society 6 can do it! C’maaan Redbubs. Still though, some of them …

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Cover Your Senses Merch

Just uploaded Cover Your Senses into Society 6, and it certainly is kickin’ time over there. Also beefed up its selection in Redbubble. The Vapor King of Glops is now available as hardcover journals, drawstring bags, sweet scarfs, etc. Scope it out! Lemme know whatchu think! If you can’t buy it, share it! Help me out dudes! Thanks for your …

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