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The Bois In the Band: Bran Stan Band Gig Posters

I’ve been working on some stuff for The Bran Stan Band. One was a sweet island theme (above) makin’ me feel warm and fuzzy. Miss those summer days pals. Holy shit I had fun with that one, from start to finish. Built everything from scratch including the font. The other used the Duck Billed Elephant (below). Loaned my boi Bran …

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Sketchbook Friday: Island Jams

Here’s a quick little fella I drew for my pal Brandon’s band. I did the thumbnails in the moleskine sketch book, which is fun. Hand drew a couple variations of the text in the moleskine too. Really happy with how that came out, and looking forward to taking a similar approach to projects in the future. Honestly, I had such …

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Tiki Island

tiki feat

Tiki trouble strikes again. Stacks upon stacks of dangerous island boys ready to give you a big spook. This was the first page in my brand new sketchbook. I made it with a reapeating pattern in mind. Took that sketch into Illustrator and traced and traced and traced. Made it that pantone ultra violet color. You now that pantone of …

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Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

rascal feat

Tote bag | T-shirt | Zip Up Hoody | Towels | Wall clocks | Pillows | Mug | Laptop sleeve | Shower curtain | Stationery cards | Leggings | All Over Print Shirt | iPhone case/skins | Duvet Cover | Wall Tapestry | THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6! I’ve been going through …

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Poker Face (AKA Mai Tie)

Poker Face

Poker Face. That stoic, monument of a man. The good folks at the Strange Things Art Facebook threw a ton of awesome, awesome ideas to name this sucker. I kept changing it’s title on Redbubble hundreds and hundreds of times. There were so many good ones. Eventually it wouldn’t let me change it anymore, so Poker Face is the name. …

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Suits N’ Ties

suits and ties feat

Throwing it back to July 2013. Obsession with tikis still going strong. This tiki is very dapper, dressed to the nines in some sweet duds. Reminds me a bit of Doug TeNapel style. Except worse. Drew this quickly with the Wacom Intuos and even recorded the coloring process. A bit of a halftone trick in super speed. Scope that below …

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Tiki Trouble Two

This tiki isn’t playing around. Another ancient mask unearthed from the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Stand back. Step aside. Do not touch. I think this was my fourth speed sketch. Another collab with my boy at Tin Bugle, who provided those fresh tribal drums. We’re throwing it back in time here folks! Join me on this craaaazzzyyy …

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Red, White and Tiki

The vault, again. The tiki, again. I had hopes of putting this in my basement, but meh, you know. Mean grillin’. For some reason it reminds me of Samurai Jack style art. Damn, I miss that show. Every time a new season pops up on Netflix I watch the whole thing 8 times through. The more I look at this, …

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power totem

POWER TOTEM. You for real, son? You think that just because there’s a new site up, all this talk about tikis and totems would be finished!? Think again, chump. I gotta design my man cave, so I need as many tiki drawings as I can muster  to sludge up the walls! THE POWER TOTEM! This sucker. Ultimate power plucked straight …

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