Discuss: Who’s the Worst Pokemon?


Pokemon. A game where 10 year old children raise fierce wild animals, some three times their size to kick the ever loving shit out of each other with fire , electricity, and mystical powers unknown.

There are some cool looking ones. Some very creative “I wish I thought of that” ones. And then there are the others. The Poketurds.

Who’s the worst Pokemon? We’re talking the original 150, Red and Blue. None of this Neon-Glittering-Sapphire crap.

I know who my least favorite is. Mr. Mime. Creepy sombitch.

We’ll write a blog with our top choices later, but I’d love to here some of yours. And why?

Try this...

Choose Your Palette

Yo, here’s Doc Franklin’s Monster. What a blast this was. I thought “hey, the Eve …


  1. I was never fond of tangela I mean his a creep I. Big red shoes running around in a bush. Lol could have been sonic in disguise this whole time. Just a lame one I thought who gets destroyed by fire.

    • strangethingsart

      Gotta say a lot of those weird plant types [Tangela, Gloom, Vileplume, etc.] were turds. I’m going to write a list of my top ten list favorites and at least three of those will be on there.

      Come to think of it, I don’t think I like any plant types…

  2. Magikarp. Fucking Magikarp. Always splashing like an idiot. The best: Alakazam. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • strangethingsart

      Yeah dude! Alakazam is killer. High up on my list!

      For some reason I like Abra better though. Even though he’s kind of useless.

      I also like Magikarp. I guess I like the guys who pretty much can’t do anything.

  3. strangethingsart

    Remember battling a Metapod that a billion times more powerful than you? It was literally impossible to kill. Hardened to the point that you couldn’t even damage it. Pretty much had now choice but to abandon ship at that point and run away.

  4. strangethingsart

    Wow. Just wow.

    Just looked this up, and wow. I thought I saw all of the worst Pokemon. I even accepted when they made a Pokemon based off a set of keys… But this…

    I didn’t even know this Pokemon existed.

    This is an abomination. It’s like whoever designed this creature just stopped giving a shit.

  5. Oh man, so many bad bad ones. My list is coming up soon. Metapod for sure.

  6. If you’re strictly talking poor creativity, it’s gotta be goldeen. I mean how much thought really went into that piece of garbage?
    Although it saddens me to see you’re one of those “Original 150” evangelists. There’s a big wide world outside of red/blue, and it only gets better with each game generation. Except for trubbish… we can all forget about trubbish…

    • strangethingsart

      I thought the later designs for Pokemon after Red and Blue got increasingly bad. But then again, I guess I never really gave the later games a fair play like I did Red and Blue. Probably because I destroyed my Game Boy playing Pokemon Pinball.

      How many actual Pokemon are there now?? There must be thousands.

      • Oh no, you’re right. The designs get much worse every time. I imagine the graphics team meetings are just a bunch of dudes looking at random stuff around the office. “Oh look, a lamp. How about ‘Lampent’? Hey, computer speakers…how about ‘Loudred’?”

        • Yeah and then the Pokedex entry is just as bad…

          It’d probably be something lame like “‘Lampent:’ often mistaken for a desk lamp, this Pokemon is known to shine a bright light at its foes.”

  7. Metapod used harden

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