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Sketchbook Friday #4: The End of Everything

sketchbook friday feat

That Dr. Poopenstein may have really done it this time… Peek into the ol sketchbook. What do you think is happening here? . . . . #inktober #inktober2016 #comic #comicbooks #illustrator #sketch #drawing #strangethingsart #weird #dope #power #ink #pen A photo posted by Strange Things Art (@strangethingsa) on Oct 11, 2016 at 8:33pm PDT Welcome to another installment of SKETCHBOOK …

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Fish Music Singing Under the Sea

fish music

Listen to that Fish music go… Like that song from the Little Mermaid.. But not as good. Fish Music! You’re favorite kind! This guys tickling the ivories like you wouldn’t believe. However, his voice leaves something to be desired. He also shoots wobbling laser beams from his eyes and never actually looks down at his hands. Why? Because he’s too …

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Ham Horse! Ham Horse! Ham Horse!

ham horse

Lookit that Ham Horse. Disgusting. Repulsive. It’s not right! Ham Horse is the personification of a nightmare I had a couple years ago. This was floating around, tongue out, in three segmented pieces like so. If you remember, this was one of my contributions to Inktober. I never really gave an explanation into how it became though. So there you …

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Creature From Some Lagoon

creature from some lagoon

The creature from some lagoon. Floating feverishly through a sea of fervid red! A smelly fish man wishes he were dead! Such poetic fluidity. Such powerful lyrics. This little sucker was an inktober drawing from last year that I just got around to digitalizing (if that is even a word). I feel bad that I haven’t been able to keep …

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Honey, I’m Home

Here he is ladies and gents. The bruiser. The one everyone hates. The House with Duck Feet and Human Arms! Had started this one awhile back. It was originally an #inktober drawing and I kind of liked the pose. I might revisit it later and add more of a background element to it or even some text. Not too sure. …

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You asked for it. I delivered the best I could. FEED ME YOUR PLANETS. The ol’ #inktober rearing its ugly head again. Galactus chompin’ on an intergalactic rock. Wish I could’ve recorded the process for this one, but you know, my computer is getting old and grey. It was a wild ride though. Had a bit of trouble thinking of …

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UPDATE 10/31/14: So, it’s Inktober. Everybody’s getting down with that saucy ink. And I’m just sitting here with my Microns and Pigma utensils. I’m jumping on board, so I’ll keep a running post which I will update with my ink drawings every time I do one. Don’t expect masterpieces here. These are snapped with my phone’s camera, so the images …

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