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Evil Owl: Updated and Available

evil owl

Evil Owl… Yeah remember him from 2013? Well… EVIL OWL IS BACK. By that I mean Evil Owl is available at the respective shops. Back in my heavy handed days with the Wacom tablet. I managed to sketch out a few owl drawings for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves owls. She didn’t love this one. It is somewhat terrifying. …

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Screen Means Trouble

the screen

Honestly pals — I completely forgot about The Screen (a.k.a The Monitor). But he’s back… And this time… The Screen is MEAN. So… So… Stupid. I drew this back in 2013. That is crazy to me. I remember sitting on the couch of my little apartment sketching this dude up on the old Wacom Tablet. I actually did a recording …

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Gore Crow

gore crow

The Gore Crow. Kind of like a mix between a scarecrow and Mortal Kombat’s Goro, I guess. This little dude was one of the Facebook poll winners from way back in the day. I’m guessing from around 2012 or so. I was so pumped it won because I wanted to draw it so bad. It went through a couple of …

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Space Invader H8r


Honestly not 100% sure what was going on with this one. I think maybe it was intended to be some sort of sticker? But instead, this dude. This grotesque dude. If those little pixels in Space Invaders were fleshed out monsters, I imagine they would look something like this abomination. Throwing it back to February 2013.

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Heavy Thoughts

drop da beat

Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays — AMMIRITE!? Throwing it back to March 2013. This dude’s not all that happy. Maybe because his Adam’s Apple is displaced to the side of his neck. Either way, he’s straight bummin’. Cheer up dude! I got you. Might re-do this one actually. Make it vector. Make it cooler. Or maybe I’ll make …

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Owl Think About it

Throwing it back to May 2013. A time where I was all about listening to the sweet new Queens of the Stone Age album. Oh hell yeah. Owl just leave this here.

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Brownest Night

feat img

Throwing it back to August 2013. The man of green… Taking a green dump. I think that uh… About sums it up…

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Ya’ll Stop Smokin’ Now!

Throwing it back to May 2013. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. My mental calendar is garbage. Drew this little dude up for a Deviantart contest I had no business being in. There were some awesome pieces in there that put this to shame. Had a lot of fun with it though. Started out as a dumb little sketch no …

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Oh man, this is an oldie. One of my first Photoshop experiments. Not much to say about this one. Think I did it in the winter of 2010? The working file is gone forever. Buried deep within the bowels of my corrupted MacBook hard drive. Never to be seen again. I think. Super crazy on the textures, as you can …

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Throwing it back to May 2013. Just got back from a killer weekend of white water rafting in Maine, completely off the grid. No cell phones. No computers. No tv’s. Just the wilderness. It was awesome. The only thing that wasn’t so awesome was the lingering tailbone bruise I got from sitting on that raft for hours. It was worth …

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