DISCUSS: Are You Afraid of the Dark vs. Goosebumps


Which was the superior scary show? WHY!?

We’re not talkin’ about RL Stine’s billion and one book series either. Just the tv shows.


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  1. See, if we’re talking TV shows, it’s AYAOTD. Easily. But bring the Goosebumps books into it, and that changes everything. Those books were my shit when I was a kid. Those and Animorphs.

  2. Let’s be honest – the Goosebump tv show didn’t really do the books justice. Are You Afraid of the Dark had some killer episodes like the Pin Ball one. Or the “I’m cold” ghost boy one.

    Goosebumps were just better as books.

    • Two of my favorite episodes! So many good ones to choose from. I always liked the funhouse one with Zeebo the clown!

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