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Ghost Power Unlimited

ghost power

Enter if you will… THE GHOST POWER UNLIMITED. The ghost power rings true in you! Your eyes shoot energy and your tongue shoots slobber!The kanji just says “ghost” so don’t worry about it. I managed to get this sucker printed on 1/8″ PVC an it looks pretty dope.This is a ghost head with a brain made of unbelievable energy that …

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Bones… That Bag of Bones…

bones feature

A little simple bones boy to start the day off right. Bag of Bones: a simple design in time for Hallowseve. What a cherubic little skeleton man. Looking at you with those big, squishy skeleton eyes.  You want to pinch his skull cheeks. Bag of Bones is going to be a series you can check out on Redbubble. I already …

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Ham Horse! Ham Horse! Ham Horse!

ham horse

Lookit that Ham Horse. Disgusting. Repulsive. It’s not right! Ham Horse is the personification of a nightmare I had a couple years ago. This was floating around, tongue out, in three segmented pieces like so. If you remember, this was one of my contributions to Inktober. I never really gave an explanation into how it became though. So there you …

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Frog King Magic

frog king featured

Frog King is here, boys and girls. A quick sketch that turned into a vector drawing in Illustrator. I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with amphibians of royalty right now. Who cares though, this was fun to make. But I’ll be honest guys… This Frog King broke my heart I was KILLING this vector. I’m telling you, I was …

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Frog Prince: Don’t Touch Him Tho

Frog Prince Feature Image

Frog Prince is here. Chilling with a 2 dimensional crown. DON’T TOUCH THE FROG PRINCE. You haven’t heard? Frogs of bright colors are deadly! SO KEEP YOUR UGLY MITTS OFF! What a cruel fate. Turned into one of the most poisonous creatures known to man. Frog Prince… Forever alone. This is  stylistically similar to Zachary the Cat, Pugsicle, Jewel Snail, …

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Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

rascal feat

Tote bag | T-shirt | Zip Up Hoody | Towels | Wall clocks | Pillows | Mug | Laptop sleeve | Shower curtain | Stationery cards | Leggings | All Over Print Shirt | iPhone case/skins | Duvet Cover | Wall Tapestry | THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6! I’ve been going through …

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Welp… Ya Blew it.

Welp… Ya Blew it… Ya blew it, and look how sad you made Captain Planet. It’s like you missed his birthday. Really liking how this came out, actually. It was a fun experimental process as well. Lemme walk you through it. Started out sketching, per usual. Really wanted to do something Captain Planet related and was teasing it on Facebook. …

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I Appear Missing

I APPEAR MISSING… It would appear that I have disappeared!? That’s stupid. Whatever. I was cleaning stuff from my basement and I unearthed my Queens of the Stone Age …Like Clockwork album. I started going nuts. Not only is it a killer album, the artwork associated with the music videos are phenomenal. If you don’t know Boneface, check him the …

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trunk bump feat

TRUNK BUMP, BRO! BOUNCE SHOT! AWW YEAH FUNNEL THE DRINK, BRO! That’s what I’m imagining an elephant frat house sounds like. Getting drunk and goring each other with their tusks over some elephant babe. Then they apologize, trunk bump and go “I’M SORRY BRO. YOU KNOW YOU’RE MY BRO!” This was fun. Like, a lot of fun. I had no …

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Infinite Glom Appeared

Infinite Glom appeared, and he’s ready to grant you 4 wishes. Not three. Four. He doesn’t like the number 3. He floats in a void somewhere between time and space, sometimes popping out to say “hey” and wave his severed arms around. He’s also got a pretty dope arm tattoo and he’s not afraid to show it off. Glom lives …

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