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Doggo the Fixer: The Best Boy There Is


Doggo When you’re stranded on a hunk of junk ship floating aimessly in outer space, it’s good to have a good pal on board. It’s also good if that good pal knows a thing or two about mechanics. This is Doggo. He’s your best pal. He’s always here to help in a pinch, ya know? An infinite knowledge of black …

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Skull Arrow

skull arrow

Skulls. Arrows. Gems. A perfect combination. This skull is sought after by adventurers for it’s incredible ability to reanimate and command the dead! It’s held on a pedestal in an ancient temple, guarded by booby traps, and possessed statues. Like that show Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon. BTW — Don’t look into the skulls eyes for too long. …

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Welp… Ya Blew it.

Welp… Ya Blew it… Ya blew it, and look how sad you made Captain Planet. It’s like you missed his birthday. Really liking how this came out, actually. It was a fun experimental process as well. Lemme walk you through it. Started out sketching, per usual. Really wanted to do something Captain Planet related and was teasing it on Facebook. …

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