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Buff Dino! Such Powerful Dinosaur Biceps!

buff dino

buff dino Here’s a T-rex with big arms someone asked me to draw. Thank you to whoever did. Specifically, it’s a T-Rex. Fun fact, T-Rex arms are nowhere near this buff and meat packed. Their biceps? Heh. Practically non existent. Triceps? Forget it. But this boy caught the meteor that was about to wipe out the dinos and mixed it …

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Rawr! Rawr! Dino Rawr! Rep-Rawr!


rawr A big rawr for you to be spooked about. Another dinosaur… Another ancient enemy of man. He’s spewin’ some fierce breath and it stinks like a smell. I originally sketched this bustlin’ beast with a bit of reptilian feet, but guess what? It was time for some fresh kicks. Some earth toned kicks that you can really get behind. …

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Triceraboss. The triceratops who wears aviators. He’s blasting you with his radar gun on the mass pike, making sure you’re obeying all those speed limits. Take it from me pal, don’t mess with the triceraboss. I dig it. I dig where this guy went. It was quite a journey. Went through three or four color schemes before landing on this …

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Facebook Poll Winner: Astro Brontosaurus

Throwing it back to… Who knows when… This was one of the Facebook Poll winners from years back. Remember sitting on my couch, drawing this out with the wacom and losing my ever loving mind over the repetitiveness of drawing that stupid neck. Ladies and gentlemen, your Astro Brontosaurus Hey, it’s available at redbubble here! Psst… It’s also available at …

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