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Facebook Poll Winner: Cactus Samurai

Finally got around to finishing the Facebook poll winner: Cactus Samurai. You know what I did? I inked this sucker up with brush pens on some niiice bristol board. And then I said wow this kinda looks awful, but I’m gonna keep trucking brother! Glad I did too. Goes to show you — Follow a project through. You may be …

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Captain Patriot

Throwing it back to May 2013. Facebook Poll winner Captain Pat Patriot. A hybrid of your favorite superhero and your favorite football team. NATIONALISM. He’s ready to make you red, white and blue. SET-HUT. This was a fun one, although I was hoping the Green Monster as Iron Man would win.

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The Polls… They’re back

I liked doing the polls and I liked your input. So I’m going to try this out again. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE DRAWN: A. Rock Golem Fighting A Panda Bear Warrior B. A Heavily Armored Killer Goldfish C. A Cactus Samurai Vote on the Facebook page! I may draw it on Bristol Board with my arsenal of pens …

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Facebook Poll Winner: Venus Fly Trap


Throwing it back to July 2013. Facebook polls were going strong, and the Venus Fly Trap eating a spaceship was voted into existence. This was the phase I really started fine tuning my line work with the Wacom Intuos. Pretty happy with how this came out. Pretty happy that the band Ignite Tonight scooped it up for their tee shirt …

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