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Sketchbook Friday: Stay Hungry My Friends

sketchbook friday

Welcome to another intergalactic edition of… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY Who’s this hungry boy? You bet it’s Galactus. I. Love. Galactus. He’s such a cool character. A larger than life celestial being with an insatiable appetite… For planets. So dope. This was kind of a study on everyone’s favorite Earth eater. Tried drawing close ups, 3/4 shots, dramatic lighting shots, etc. He’s …

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You asked for it. I delivered the best I could. FEED ME YOUR PLANETS. The ol’ #inktober rearing its ugly head again. Galactus chompin’ on an intergalactic rock. Wish I could’ve recorded the process for this one, but you know, my computer is getting old and grey. It was a wild ride though. Had a bit of trouble thinking of …

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