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Sketchbook Friday: RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN.

SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. HERE’S THE GLITCH SPRINTER BORN IN THE PAGES OF THIS SKETCHBOOK PAGE. I love this project. It was a lot of fun to make. I really liked conceptualizing it. PLEASE BELIEVE THAT. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend and a great life! Tools used: Micron liners

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gLitCh sPrInTeR: rUnNiNg TrU uR dRe@aM$ ;-)

glitch sprinter

AlTeRn8nG CaPz? REMEMBER AIM? REMEMBER AOL DIAL UP? YOU DON’T. And that makes me sad. But that has nothing to do with this drawing. It’s a malfunctioning skull tank robot sprinting through a futuristic city, destroying everything in its path. THAT’S WHAT IT IS. Does he give a heck? HECK NO. He’s a robot. But someone put a human skull …

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