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Sketchbook Friday: The Curse of the Drill Goblin

A horrible curse has fallen unto the goblin nation…It’s pretty serious.It causes drills to grow out of their abdomen and noses. I’m serious.This is serious.He won the Facebook poll at one point. He really actually tied with the Chili Beast, but I wanted to draw this guy, so THERE.Another page of the sketchbook below! Here’s the finished product.Moleskine sketchbook & …

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Goblin Vision

THE GOBLIN VISION IS REAL. Only a goblin mage can muster the incredible power of the sooth sayer gems to peer into the future. This was a submission to lifeform drawing club on Instagram. There’s two versions. The normal one and the glitchy one. Check them both out, heh. Been a heck of a busy week. I’ll try to be …

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