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Hang In There Baby Maryo!


It’s been a couple years since I sketched this. Now it’s finally finished. I think. I dunno might go back and try a new color palette.Maryo drove off the edge of Rainbow Road and before plummeting into the infinite void of Mushroom Space he was saved by sweet Lakitu and his indestructible fishing pole. Such incredible strength! SUCH POWER. ENOUGH …

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Sketchbook Friday: A Terrifying New Day

Oops I missed a couple of these didn’t I! It’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Sunday! I had this idea for the Mario 3 sun and a silhouette of Mario forever. I’m gonna digitize it and check it off. Also there’s a little American superhero boy. Above that is a familiar drawing of an anchor tongue. Yahoo! Tools used: Micron liners, …

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Save Us, Maryo

Finally. It is done. This was one of my more involved projects. I know I say that a lot, but… Whew. Also the first time I think I’ve effectively used halftone shading. I think I’m actually going to make a tutorial on how to do that and put it up here, because you know, whatever, it’s my site. So this …

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Check it! Got my SAVE US, MARYO design up on the Society 6 and Redbubble shops! Somethin’ sure ain’t right in the Mushroom Kingdom! Scope it here at the Redbubble shop! Scope it here at the Society6 shop!

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