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Whatchu Workin On!?

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, WHOA THERE. I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with Aesop Rock. As you can see if you’re following the Facebook page, I’ve been doing some Aesop Rock lyric themed drawings lately. This is why I absolutely lost my shit yesterday when I found out he was releasing his first new album since 2012 (2013?). God is …

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Whatchu Workin On 8/20/15

I’ve been mighty busy updating all the stores and whatnot lately, but I have had some time to plug away at old projects. Finished digitally inking this bad boy up today and I’m excited to jump into the colors. I’ll record that process so you dudes know it’s no walk in the park! UPDATE 8/25/15: see the finished version here! …

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