This is the Skunk Bot from the year 20XX and guess what HE STINKS.

Stinks like the smell you never knew. He’s got corrosive stink juice in his belly tank and he’s not afraid to give it a blast into your retinas. And baby when that tank is full you know he’s gonna shoot that stink like a fire hose boy howdy.

The only way to defeat the Skunk Bot Man is to have Detergent Man’s powers but to beat Detergent Man you need to have Jaundice Man’s powers and so on.

Good luck toppling the robot chain in 20XX because guess what, heh…. IT AIN’T EASY.

Try this...

Heck Ya YETI

HECK YA YETI He’s here. He’s chill. He’s backpacking across the Americas looking for the …

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