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gLitCh sPrInTeR: rUnNiNg TrU uR dRe@aM$ ;-)

glitch sprinter

AlTeRn8nG CaPz? REMEMBER AIM? REMEMBER AOL DIAL UP? YOU DON’T. And that makes me sad. But that has nothing to do with this drawing. It’s a malfunctioning skull tank robot sprinting through a futuristic city, destroying everything in its path. THAT’S WHAT IT IS. Does he give a heck? HECK NO. He’s a robot. But someone put a human skull …

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Where Am I?

where am i

Where the heck am I? Heh. Nobody knows. Feel sorry for this lost boy floating in space forever. Space is a pretty easy place to get lost in, ya know? So you better bring your GPS. Just a stupid little idea I had while recovering from my tongue surgery. Really basic vector design thrown into Illustrator. Find this lost alien …

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We Are Not Alone — Again

WE ARE NOT ALONE… Remember? Well, here’s a reminder. My buddy Spazzalino had an idea awhile ago to have an alien with the text “We Are Not Alone.” I said, “hey my good pal, that’s a grand idea!” Then I got to work on this really crappy, generic alien drawing. Click here to see that. I mean, I guess it …

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Whatchu Workin On? 7/7/15

Howdy, been off the grid working on a secret project with my bro, but managed to get a couple things together, y’know? Sitting outside this past weekend — listening to my drunk neighbors yell about how they were “going to Bob’s” one million times (they never actually went to Bob’s), I somehow drafted up this abomination. I think it’s some …

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Space Invader H8r


Honestly not 100% sure what was going on with this one. I think maybe it was intended to be some sort of sticker? But instead, this dude. This grotesque dude. If those little pixels in Space Invaders were fleshed out monsters, I imagine they would look something like this abomination. Throwing it back to February 2013.

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So Sad, So Alien

Throwing it back to December 2012. Where Wacoms hands were heavy and Photoshop was my weapon of choice. What’s this little dude? The saddest extraterrestrial you’ve ever seen. Made entirely of brain matter. Breaks my heart. This was my bright florescent color phase I believe. Click the pic for the hi-res.

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