We Are Not Alone — Again

we are not alone


Well, here’s a reminder. My buddy Spazzalino had an idea awhile ago to have an alien with the text “We Are Not Alone.” I said, “hey my good pal, that’s a grand idea!” Then I got to work on this really crappy, generic alien drawing. Click here to see that. I mean, I guess it was okay for the time but I felt like I could do something more with it. Pretty much took it in completely different direction, minus the oversized cranium. Ditched the ray gun. Ditched the Infinity Gauntlet knock off. Added some tentacles. Oh boy!

You can get a closer look at some detail shots by clicking the boxes below. Also included an alternate color scheme I thought looked pretty neat too.

we are not alone deet 3
we are not alone deet 2
we are not alone deet 1
alternate colors

So anyway, what is this guy? Some sort of alien overlord or something? Yeah! And he’s got tentacles like that Ursula babe from the Little Mermaid. Man, what a match they would make. If only…

Probably going to be doing more drawings in this style. That is the sketch to Illustrator to Photoshop coloring style. I kind of dig how it came out.

I put this in my Design By Humans shop. I think it looks just swell on everything. I took out the digital ink work, so the color of the t-shirt plays as the outlines. Here let me show you. Check out these beautiful people:

we are not alone shirts

I also added it to the other shops. You know, Redbubble. And Society6. Those shops!

Please feel free to check it out there my pals! Onto some new projects now, you know? I’ve been dabbling back into pen and ink. Drawing some kinda weird stuff that somewhat resembles a heart that has had far too much cholesterol and far too much genetic implants put on it. We’ll see where that thing goes. PROBABLY NOT VERY FAR, AMMIRITE!?


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