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banana cactus

Hey there that’s not a banana! Heh, had ya fooled! Classic goofster over here! Ya thought it was a delicious treat that couldn’t be beat, but guess what? It was a cactus!Did ya accidentally bite it? I hope not. that would sure smart haha.Real simple drawing. But I added a bit of a true grit textures. you can barely tell! …

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Cactus Meat: The Staple of Any Healthy Diet

cactus meat

Oh boy that Cactus Meat sure is tasty! Just do me a favor and eat cautiously! Wouldn’t want your chompers getting stuck with a big ol’ cactus needle! That’s just about the WORST thing that could happen here! Or maybe the worst thing would be the cactus needles comin’ out the other end! WOWIE ZOWIE! Be thankful this cactus gave …

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Buff Cactus Flexing the Night Away

buff cactus

buff cactus This is a buff cactus and you better believe he’s about to steal your girl. He is all natural, despite wha the haters think. No growth hormones. No pesticides. Just an all natty prickly boy. No sketch for this one, just drew him nice and simple. Dusted off the Wacom tablet and went to town. Snagged that color …

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Facebook Poll Winner: Cactus Samurai

Finally got around to finishing the Facebook poll winner: Cactus Samurai. You know what I did? I inked this sucker up with brush pens on some niiice bristol board. And then I said wow this kinda looks awful, but I’m gonna keep trucking brother! Glad I did too. Goes to show you — Follow a project through. You may be …

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