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Bullfrog Bruiser

The Bullfrog Bruiser. You vote him in and here he is. Looks like that dude from the Walking Dead kinda. That show sucks now. Kinda looks like a Battle Toad too. Thanks for voting on this fella, he’s one of my favs so far. REALLY wish I could print this in the neon colors I started with (see below). But …

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Sketchbook Friday #1

sketchbook friday 1

Every Friday I’ll post a page of a sketchbook. Here’s the first installment. This is pretty much where the Frog King was born. But even after I did the digital version I decided I wanted to fill the entire page. I’m trying to fill pages of sketchbooks to their entirety now. You know, go green and all that. And it …

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Frog King Magic

frog king featured

Frog King is here, boys and girls. A quick sketch that turned into a vector drawing in Illustrator. I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with amphibians of royalty right now. Who cares though, this was fun to make. But I’ll be honest guys… This Frog King broke my heart I was KILLING this vector. I’m telling you, I was …

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Frog Prince: Don’t Touch Him Tho

Frog Prince Feature Image

Frog Prince is here. Chilling with a 2 dimensional crown. DON’T TOUCH THE FROG PRINCE. You haven’t heard? Frogs of bright colors are deadly! SO KEEP YOUR UGLY MITTS OFF! What a cruel fate. Turned into one of the most poisonous creatures known to man. Frog Prince… Forever alone. This is  stylistically similar to Zachary the Cat, Pugsicle, Jewel Snail, …

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