Frog King Magic

Frog King is here, boys and girls. A quick sketch that turned into a vector drawing in Illustrator. I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with amphibians of royalty right now. Who cares though, this was fun to make. But I’ll be honest guys…

frog king

This Frog King broke my heart

I was KILLING this vector. I’m telling you, I was at a point with coloring this drawing where I thought to myself “wow, this is one of the best color treatments I’ve done.” Guess what happened? Adobe Illustrator absolutely IMPLODED. Usually it saves the backup, but this crash was catastrophic. The Frog King went down. Hard.

Had to start over. File corrupted. Heart broken. Still don’t really know what happened, but I’m still devastated. That original version was so outstanding. Thems the brakes though. It’s happened to me before and it’ll happen again.

Like I said, all about amphibian royalty over here. Check out FRAWG if you haven’t. It’s drastically different from this, with more of a Graphic Design feel. Also check out the Instagram post where this dude’s concept started.

Are you wondering why he’s burping up oil? Are you wondering why he has one dead eye? Well stop wondering. He’s a mystical Frog King who dwells in forbidden swamps. Don’t ask questions beyond that.

I want to make a card game with these weird characters. Either that or a board game. I wouldn’t know where to start, though.

I know I’ve been slow with the updates lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been kind of gassed and pretty busy. Hopefully I’ll get back into a rhythm soon.

Frog King is available at Redbubble. It will probably be available at Society 6 and Design By Humans in some format as well. Make sure to check it out and give it a heart. (UPDATE: Available on DBH and TeePublic)

Check out some detail shots below:

frog king 1
Frog King 2
Frog King 3

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