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Gorgon 2.0

I made another Gorgon design in the spur of a moment. No sketch, no concept. Just jumping straight into Illustrator. Ugh. I really like this for some reason. I don’t know why. I like how the .gif came out. I like how the weird design came out. I like how it looks on t-shirts. It’s really a different style for …

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awaken the gorgon

AWAKEN THE GORGON… THE GORGON LIVES. He awakens from his million year slumber only to feed on the souls of the living. Up through the catacombs, guarded closely by catatonic clay soldiers who crack and shatter. Up through the lair of the Winding Dragon, filled with gold and gems enough to make any good man greed. Into the sky… Awaken …

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THE GORGON AWAKENS AND DELVES DEEP INTO YOUR SOUL. IT SHALL FEAST. Hey dudes. Can I tell you something? I’m loving these damn pens. The brushes. The Pitts. That #inktober challenge opened up a whole new world to me. The pens react so much better on the Bristol too. No bleeding. What took me so long to figure this out? …

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