Awaken the gorgon

AWAKEN THE GORGON… THE GORGON LIVES. He awakens from his million year slumber only to feed on the souls of the living. Up through the catacombs, guarded closely by catatonic clay soldiers who crack and shatter. Up through the lair of the Winding Dragon, filled with gold and gems enough to make any good man greed. Into the sky… Awaken the Gorgon… His eyes blankly stare at the helpless down below. His mouth a black void like an infinite black hole. AWAKEN THE GORGON!

Or something like that.

His breath… His breath is awful. A million years of morning breath compiled into one dusty exhale. Breathe it in. Smell the stink. Stink the smell.

What’s that you say? A Gorgon is a Greek Mythological creature that resembles Medusa? Nah, not here it isn’t. Step back.

Kind of surprised it’s finished. Never actually thought I’d revisit it. I’m thinking he looks mean as green and I’m sticking with that color palette. Oh wow! People on the Strange Things Art  Facebook helped me out a bit with choosing which scheme to use. We were scheming and dreaming of some slippery greens and some popping purps. So thanks my dudes. You’re always giving me sweet, sweet advice.

Colored with my good ol’ WACOM tablet.  No textures here. Just some clean greens. Added some halftone glow to his dome piece at the end and some cheesy symbols at the side. He’s radioactive or something. That’s how he flies around. Because you know radioactivity grants you the ability of flight. What do the symbols say? Heh. Don’t worry about it.

Thanks for staying with me my dudes and dudettes. ON TO THE NEXT PROJECT.

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Awaken the gorgon orange son
orange gorgon son
Awaken the gorgon pink son
pink gorgon son
Awaken the gorgon deet1
Awaken the gorgon deet2
Awaken the gorgon deet 3
deet 3

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