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Intergalactic Intelligence Available Now

Intergalactic Intelligence

Intergalactic Intelligence is now beaming through the galaxy and straight into a Redbubble store near you! Look at him! His lobes just pulsating! His eyes… So vascular. All seeing… All knowing… That’s some intergalactic intelligence, ya know? I changed this one up a bit, I admit. Tried something new with the composition because I thought the brain portion of the …

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I is for Intergalactic Intelligence

Queue the Beastie Boys. Intergalactic frontal lobes all up in your business. You trying to take a dump in private (I hope in private)? Sorry sucka. Intergalactic Intelligence brain sees you. He sees it all. Or he’s a distress beacon. I don’t friggin’ know, who cares? I HATE DRAWING BRAIN MATTER. AND EYE VEINS. I think I am somewhat of …

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