Intergalactic Intelligence Available Now

Intergalactic Intelligence

Intergalactic Intelligence is now beaming through the galaxy and straight into a Redbubble store near you! Look at him! His lobes just pulsating! His eyes… So vascular. All seeing… All knowing… That’s some intergalactic intelligence, ya know?

I changed this one up a bit, I admit. Tried something new with the composition because I thought the brain portion of the piece garnered more interest. It’s more detailed and cooler to look at. That being said I tried to make it the focal point of almost every item. I went back and forth with that Graphic tee a billion times before landing on it’s design. Even stripped out the background. I think it looks better that way.

Then some of the stuff has a triple threat of Intergalactic Intelligence mayhem. Triple the brain power… Triple the trouble… Emitting brain waves across the universe, striking fear into even Galactus’s giant, cold heart. Scope out the studio pouches, for example. I’m torn guys, tell me which you like better. Help me decide.

This thing’s creepy as hell though. It looks like it’s some sort of alien genie lamp or something. Only instead of a genie, it’s a floating brain with two disgusting eyes. Get outta here. Love how that brain matter came out though, I gotta say. Those sweet frontal lobes.

Be the envy of all your friends with some Intergalactic Intelligence stickers. Plaster them all over their houses, and make sure to stick em on the walls real well so it’s nearly impossible to get off! Right all your brilliant thoughts in your Intergalactic Intelligence journal or spiral notebook! All your equations! All your discoveries! All your theories on time travel and matter transfer!

Making some serious progress with this Awful Alphabet! Got a decent amount of them up at the Redbubble shop now! Bare with me, guys. I’ll get them all up eventually.

I’ve been kind of slow on the drawing department lately, working on some important projects. Hopefully be back into it soon.

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