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Jabberjaws Bait Available Now!

jabberjaws bait

Jabberjaws Bait, that disgusting letter J, is now available at the Redbubble shop! Hook line and stinker, am I right? What are you gonna use to bait an enormous talking shark? Eyeballs bro, they love that stuff. This letter surprised me. Jabberjaws bait was always one of my least favorites, but I really like how it translates to different formats. …

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J is for Jabberjaw Bait

Uh huh, uh huh, it’s Jabberjaw bait. If Jabberjaw was bloodthirsty and not a dumb, annoying, disproportioned joke of a cartoon character. Nothin’ much to see here. A sweet hook for the letter J, piercing an eyeball errryday. Tryin’ allllll these new pallets out. Had a ridiculously hard time deciding on the back drop color and I still don’t even …

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