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Robot Masters: Rare Issue No. 1

robot masters

The yellow devil strikes again. I’m sitting here in self-quarantine with nothing to do but watch my daughter bounce off the wall and draw when she goes to sleep.So I needed a project that was going to occupy a lot of time. I looked at my list and what did I see? Yellow Devil! My favorite mega man dude.I said …

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Sad Magnet Man Merch!

Sad Magnet Man blasting onto the scene with hapless hopes and dashed away dreams! A poem. For you. You can put him on your mug! Available at the Society6 and Redbubble shops!

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Sad Magnet Man

Sad MM

Throwing it back to September 2012, a time where I was obsessed with the robot master, Magnet Man. Who am I kidding. I still am. Magnet Man on a melancholy trip to his inevitable doom. Sorry buddy. Drew it on paper, scanned it, colored it with homemade brushes. Click the pic for better resolution shot. This one’s available as prints …

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Master of Magnetism Merch

The Master of Magnetism and the very best of the robot masters. The only robot to empower the wonders of polarity without crippling his own circuitry. What an attractive set of items for sale… Eh? Get it? Available now at the Strange Shop, you can get everything from prints to pillows. Scope it out!

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