Robot Masters: Rare Issue No. 1

The yellow devil strikes again.

I’m sitting here in self-quarantine with nothing to do but watch my daughter bounce off the wall and draw when she goes to sleep.

So I needed a project that was going to occupy a lot of time. I looked at my list and what did I see? Yellow Devil! My favorite mega man dude.

I said how can I make this as much as an arduous project as possible? Draw it all in Illustrator with the pen tool and deal with multiple perspective points! Wanted to scream by the end of this.

It’s a parody of Fantastic Four no. 1 if you didn’t know. I was originally only going to put Mega Man and the Yellow Devil in this. Then I realized I really have never done an entire composition so I challenged myself to put this together.

I have a couple of Mega Man Magna and some Mega Man X concept art books that I was really leaning on heavily for this.

As maddening as this was, I am proud of it and it was a fun way to pass the time in an otherwise mind numbing existing. Happy to put a big CHECK next to this one one the list.

Not going up on any shirts or anything for obvious reasons.

I hope you’re all safe during these strange times and keeping yourselves sane.

Be good!

BTW – This is how Mega Man originally looked. Dear God.

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