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Panda Bear(d) Still Lives In His Panda Parents Basement

panda bear(d)

Panda Bear(d). The “D” is silent. It’s a silent “D”. Silent. But deadly.Looking like the panda that still lives in his mom’s basement playing Fortnite til the wee hours of the morning.Long, flowing neck beard. Incredible untamed mustache. Lemme tell you somethin. He’ll take you to school with this comic book knowledge. And he’ll point out every flaw in every …

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Reginald Pandafield IV

Reginald Pandafield IV reporting for duty, floating casually through the London night sky! …But it always wasn’t like this. This dapper Panda bear almost took a drastically different turn. I started out with the idea for this brewing in my skull tank. I started shaping the vectors out but it just wasn’t quite there. The colors weren’t gelling and it …

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