Reginald Pandafield IV

Reginald Pandafield

Reginald Pandafield IV reporting for duty, floating casually through the London night sky!

…But it always wasn’t like this. This dapper Panda bear almost took a drastically different turn.

original versionI started out with the idea for this brewing in my skull tank. I started shaping the vectors out but it just wasn’t quite there. The colors weren’t gelling and it just seemed to generic. I uploaded it to Redbubble anyway, but really didn’t have a good feeling about it. I didn’t even share it anywhere because I thought it sucked. The colors were too warm or something.

I’m a huge advocate of not giving up on projects, so I usually see a project through to the end, and more often than not I find myself thankful for doing so. ¬†This was certainly one of those cases. I dove back in and cooled the colors dramatically. Added some more line-halftone-graphic-designy flare to the coat jacket (I’m obsessed). Gave him a pocket square and tie to make him fresh as HELL. Threw in a bulbous moon with some London fog. And last but not least, added that simple shadow to give the impression that my boy Reginald doesn’t respond to gravity. One of the rarer breeds of levitating panda bears.

panda bot 3000While I was making this I also had a flashback to a very, VERY old digital painting I did of the Panda bot 3000, which was also my Twitter profile for awhile. He was a lot more bent on world domination than Reginald Pandafield is, though. He was also so saturated in overblown textures that it kinda ruined him. I might take another stab at that Panda Bot, see if I can do anything fun with that. Maybe make him smashing some cities? Who knows.

Reginald Pandafield IV is now available at Redbubble. It’s also available at Society6. You can check out products from both stores in the slides below, they look pretty dope.

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