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Bomb Voyage: A Bomb Boy Send Off

bomb boy feat

Here’s a little bit of a drawing! It’s some bomb boy taking the roll of Atlas. Holdin’ the bomb world high on his shoulders. I’ve always have a spot for this little bomb boy. Used to play multiplayer matches at my buddy Andrew’s house for hours. Then we’d play the 64 version forever too. Game was dope. This guy is …

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CURSE: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse


This cursed night! From day to night… A serious fright. This dude was a little dumb sketch that I thought hey why the heck not turn it into a digital scream? The jewel on his head, although fabled to give infinite power, is really liquifying his life. Yet… He can’t get enough. That’s the curse though — the infinite liquifying. …

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Worm By Any Other Name

A Worm By Any Other Name. With an amorphic glob of snot looking on. Admiring. Like I said on the Facebook page (if you’re not on there C’MAAAAAAAAAAAN), I’m trying to finish up projects I didn’t quite finish last year. A Worm By Any Other Name  is nod to one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GAMES OF MY CHILDHOOD. EWJ!? Are …

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