Worm By Any Other Name

worm by any other name

A Worm By Any Other Name. With an amorphic glob of snot looking on. Admiring.

Like I said on the Facebook page (if you’re not on there C’MAAAAAAAAAAAN), I’m trying to finish up projects I didn’t quite finish last year.

A Worm By Any Other Name  is nod to one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GAMES OF MY CHILDHOOD. EWJ!? Are you JOKING.


It was also incredibly… INCREDIBLY… Frustrating. Remember that level Down the Tubes? That was absolutely merciless. Particularly the part where you’re in the spherical submarine.

Would like to see a decent new-gen sequel but I think we all know that’s not happening. RIP EWJ.

But yes. I always loved EWJ. So inventive. So creative. So weird. Doug TenNapel was and still is a visionary. He was responsible for imagining such incredible things as The Neverhood. Ratfist. Bad Island. Etc. Please. Check out his graphic novels. Please check out his games. Dude, knows what he’s doing.

I sat on this friggin’ project for so long. I was for some reason too scared to finish it. I wanted to create something too overwhelmingly enormous that it scared me. So I stepped away from it for about 4 months. When I came back I decided I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and I simplified it. I’m happy with the outcome too.

I released it on Redbubble too. Started out with a light blue background. But then I accidentally swapped the light for a darker background and the rest was history. Call it a happy little accident.

Check out some deets below and the original pencil work.

Rest In Peace David Bowie. An incredible… Inspirational musician who was taken too soon. He honestly helped me through a lot. God bless him and he will truly be missed.

worm by any other name

Worm by any other name

worm by any other name

worm by any other name



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