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The Worst Pokemon

Here we go dudes. My top worst Poket Monsters picks. I just want to let you know: Metapod is not on my list. Magickarp is not on my list. Here’s why: I think these guys are genius. Sure, Metapod was a infuriating asshole, endlessly using “harden” in 20 hour long battle with some turd trainer on the side of Route 1, cheering in prepubescent …

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Worst Pokemon #5

Jynx is the female version of Mr. Mime. And you all know how I feel about Mr. Mime. Excluding the obvious [incredibly racist] black face, there are several reasons this Pokemon is just one that should have never come into existence. Period. Look at her. She’s a tramp. Big hair, botox lips, curled lashes. But that booty… That booty… This is …

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