Worst Pokemon #5

Jynx is the female version of Mr. Mime. And you all know how I feel about Mr. Mime.

Excluding the obvious [incredibly racist] black face, there are several reasons this Pokemon is just one that should have never come into existence. Period.

Look at her. She’s a tramp. Big hair, botox lips, curled lashes.

But that booty…

That booty…

This is a prostitute. Plain and simple. You are sending your 10 year old child into the wild to catch a prostitute Pokemon. Even her name screams slut.  Jynx? Yeah buddy, that’s probably a porn star name.

I brought up this question with the infamous Mr. Mime, but it applies here too: Where the fuck would you find this abomination in the wild? Are we to assume these things are wandering the forest… Functioning as some sort of herbavoire, dragging its filthy prom dress through the mud, collecting fruits and vegetation for nourishment…? Are you serious?

This thing is a human being. It puts clothes on. It has lips. It has boobs. It has arms. It has Niki Minaj hair.

Garbage.[If you care about the drawing, click the pick for a hi-res version of her dumb face.] I’ll be implementing a rating system of how badly the best Pokemon, Cubone, could kick this Pokemon’s ass.

5/5 Cubones. Devestation
5/5 Cubones. Ultimate devestation.


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