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Whatchu Workin On 8/20/15

I’ve been mighty busy updating all the stores and whatnot lately, but I have had some time to plug away at old projects. Finished digitally inking this bad boy up today and I’m excited to jump into the colors. I’ll record that process so you dudes know it’s no walk in the park! UPDATE 8/25/15: see the finished version here! …

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Zombie Monday Collection

A lot of people have been asking “what in the name of sweet-tart farts happened to the zombie drawings on the website?!” Just like that. Asking just like that. Those went down with the ship of the old site in 2013. But here they are again if you’re interested. A little background: I drew these every Monday following the Walking …

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Did I Dooo Thaaaat Merch

I Dooo Thaaaat

Did I Dooo Thaaaat merch is strong in this one. That Zombie nerd looking fresh to death covered in family matter. Got any braaaaaaains…? This was originally part of the Zombie Monday series and seemed to be a fan favorite. It went down with the ship that was the old site and resurfaced years later on this one after I …

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Throwing it back to February 2013, folks. This was one of the first zombie drawings I did for Zombie Monday. Heavy hand Wacom strokes and some of the same color palettes I used to use for pretty much everything. Sweet eye poppin’, snot drippin’ action.

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Banana Zombie speed sketch

The Zombie Monday stretch. I remember that. You had Urkel, you had Doug, you had the Muppet Babies. And then you had this… Banana. My question to myself is why is it that the banana not only was the only zombie drawing to get a video, but the most involved video at that. It’s a friggin’ banana. I remember this …

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