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Did I Dooo Thaaaat merch is strong in this one. That Zombie nerd looking fresh to death covered in family matter. Got any braaaaaaains…?

This was originally part of the Zombie Monday series and seemed to be a fan favorite. It went down with the ship that was the old site and resurfaced years later on this one after I dug deep into my laptop’s hard drive. It’s like a catacomb in there.

It’s very odd to see this guy fleshed out on things like clocks, mugs, shirts, pillows, etc. We live in a crazy time, man. I never thought I’d see the day where I could upload a drawing to a site like Redbubble and have a pillow of an infected suspendered super nerd sent to my house the next day. Tehcnology, man.

I heard that someone showed this design to the actor Jaleel White from the show. I don’t think he was very impressed. He probably sees stuff like this all the time and he would probably much rather prefer people remember him as his alter ego, Stephan. Damn that guy was the man. So suave.

Lots of cool stuff available with everybody’s favorite nerd zombie. Society 6 now does all over shirt prints, so that’s cool. This was my first attempt and it looks utterly ridiculous. I might play around with that option a little more although I can’t picture anyone actually wearing an all over printed t-shirt with this particular subject matter on it. Who knows though, people wear some weird ass stuff. Especially you hipsters. You hipsters where weird ass stuff before it’s weird ass stuff, you know? But I digress…

Did I Dooo Thaaaat is available in a variety of formats here, so make sure to check it out:
Society 6

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