Mummified Slender Man Available Now

Mummified Slender Man

Mummified Slender Man… What? What a stretch.

But hey, whatever. I don’t even consider him really even mummified. It looks like he may have burned his face pretty badly or something. But then again, did Slender Man have a face to begin with? Maybe a better name would have been No Legs Burn Victim Slender Man. Whatever, he’s Mummified Slender Man and that’s that.

I’m not even really familiar with the lore behind Slender Man to be honest. He just appears places? And makes kids do things? Is that it? Sometimes he has tentacles or feelers or some weird ass appendages? Is that it? That sounds pretty dumb, actually.

Mummified Slender Man is now available at Redbubble, and we are flying through the alphabet now.

Proportions so odd. Bone structure so strange. Reminds me of myself, you know?

Gotta say I dig that purple suit on the sticker. It makes it pop, I think. Looks pretty sweet on a mug too.

Check him out on that laptop skin. He’s gross dude. He’s so angular and it disturbs me. Look at those weird ass hands too. So big and deformed. There is something very wrong with this man.

But hey, check out Mummified Slender Man in the Redbubble shop and stay tuned for some more Awful Alphabet letters flying at your face. So far I’ve done up to P, with some others peppered in there here and there. Strangely enough Z is already up there. Got a little excited for that one I suppose.

ANYWAAAAY. I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend so who knows how much I’ll get uploaded. Hopefully I can finish up the whole damn thing. Sunday I’ll be at WWE TLC which is pretty amazing. That means I will get zero things done that day.

Hope ya had a swell day my dudes! Stay strange.

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