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Abstrakto Maxo 2: Headache Juice

abstrakto feat

Abstrakto Maxo 2 is a Where’s Waldo on acid. I mean, sort of. This took me the better part of a year to finish. Not because I literally worked on it for a year. More so, because I would take long breaks from it. It intimidated me! It was perfect at first. The line work was solid. I had a …

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What I’m Working On

Oh, hey. After finally finishing up the Awful Alphabet, I decided I wanted to wrap up some other projects that had been in the vault for awhile. Started this one a little bit back. A bit after #inktober I believe. Rocking the bristol paper with some series sharpie work. Don’t usually use them to draw, but they seem to not …

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Abstracto Maxo speed recording

Sometimes  ya just need to turn your brain off and let your hand walk. It’s kind of relaxing. It’s relaxing unless you’re recording yourself doing it and you feel an intense rising pressure to not mess up. Then you start drawing a lot of weird rainbow things and  bearded faces. Also, your tiki obsession begins to reveal itself. This was …

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