Abstrakto Maxo 2: Headache Juice

abstrakto 2

Abstrakto Maxo 2 is a Where’s Waldo on acid.

I mean, sort of.

This took me the better part of a year to finish. Not because I literally worked on it for a year. More so, because I would take long breaks from it. It intimidated me!

It was perfect at first. The line work was solid. I had a steady hand. Then as I progressed I was thinking “oh no I’m bound to screw something up on this.” And guess what? I did. I kept smudging those stupid black dots somehow. I’m too ambitious and impatient sometimes when it comes to ink. I don’t give it ample time to dry and end up smearing the crap out of it. This is nice bristol board paper too, so that was a shame to see. I did however manage to fix the small errors. And now it looks okay.

This thing’s a beast. I started out doodling that voodoo guy in the corner with his head on fire. I said “haha! What joy! This is fun!” and I kept going. Then, after awhile, I was like “this is not fun anymore” and developed heart palpitations.

Stressed me out, bro. I think the amount of Tiki influence here is just right. Not too much, not too little. You know. Abstrakto Maxo no. 1 clearly didn’t have enough. There was only one tiki in the whole thing if I remember correctly.

Looking back on this, I kick myself. You know why? Because there are two big Strange Things Art characters that I neglected to put in here.

Yes. Poopenstein didn’t make the cut. Yes the House with Duck Arms didn’t make the cut. I assure you this was accidental. They would have been front and center if I remembered. Spinning aimlessly in the vortex of Abstrakto. A true shame.

I put this on Redbubble. I doubt it will get any traction, but it looks dope on a graphic tee. So check it out!

I think I’m going to open a shop to sell some original drawings/sketches if anyone’s down for that. We’ll see!

Please, check out some detail shots below. It’s worth the headache:

abstrakto detail 1  
Abstrakto detail 2
Abstrakto detail 3
abstrakto detail 4

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