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up close

Oh, hey.

After finally finishing up the Awful Alphabet, I decided I wanted to wrap up some other projects that had been in the vault for awhile. Started this one a little bit back. A bit after #inktober I believe.

Rocking the bristol paper with some series sharpie work. Don’t usually use them to draw, but they seem to not bleed as much on this paper, so I’m digging it.

This will be the first original piece I sell because I don’t have a big enough scanner for it. I’m going to set up an etsy or something like it relatively soon to sell some original inks. This is pretty detailed and intricate, so it’s taking me a chunk of time. Got a kind of system I’m working through. You may notice a lot of tiki stuff in here. If that surprises you, you’ve never met me.

Also through nods from some of my other drawings in there, too. Kinda like an Easter Egg hunt.

Got that on my plate. Also in the process of making the Awful Alphabet available. Updates on that soon.

Here’s another shot of what I call Abstracto Maxo Part Deux:


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