Sketchbook Friday #6: Coffee & Tentacles

Welcome to another rousing edition of SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY.

sketchbook friday

This is a drawing of tentacles coming out of a coffee mug… For some reason.

It’s also the birthplace of BAG OF BONES. How exciting.

There’s also a cyborg skull being defragmented. Destroyed. Scattered amongst the digital realm. I used a Sharpie on that guy and implemented a bit of the stippling, ya dig?

The theme goes throughout the page, I guess. Apparently I’m really into this pattern because I used it in the first Sketchbook Friday. I might go back and tighten up the lines a bit. Why? I don’t know. It’s therapeutic.

I’ll admit, I’ve been posting these out of order. Does it matter? Not in the slightest.

Crappy blue Papermate marker made an appearance again too. Might make those tentacle boys into a design down the road. Oh boy!

Tools used: Fine-tip Sharpie, crappy blue Papermate marker (I love it), twin tipped red marker (keep forgetting the brand).

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