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Aura of Automation Merch

Aura of Automation

Just stumbled upon this old Aura of Automation design on REDBUBBLE. This one holds a special place in my heart guys! I flew without a net designing it. No sketch. No blueprints. Nothin’. Just my skull gears turning. Just my skull gears straight up sculpting vectors into confusing, interweaving shapes. Take a sneak peak into his brain dude. Look at …

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This just in! Re-designed the ol’ skull gears illustration! Added some sweet halftone for better printing, touched up the vector, and plenty more jargon that you probably don’t care about! Oh boy! Available at the Redbubble shop!

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Ey, yo. Been in a bit of a creative hiatus. Got a dog which is taking up a lot of my time. But that’s okay. Missed Comic Con. That’s not okay. At least Spazz got to hit it up. Anyway, I plan on getting right back into it. Here’s what’s on my agenda: Awful Alphabet: Killin’ off the “R” for …

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