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Aura of Automation

Just stumbled upon this old Aura of Automation design on REDBUBBLE. This one holds a special place in my heart guys! I flew without a net designing it. No sketch. No blueprints. Nothin’. Just my skull gears turning. Just my skull gears straight up sculpting vectors into confusing, interweaving shapes.

Take a sneak peak into his brain dude. Look at all those gears… All those infinite galaxies in his eyes and cranium. A truly incredible sight!

Looks good on your bedspread bro. Looks great on your iPhone pal! Looks neat on your tote bag too! Oh boy howdy.

A side note: I’m a big fan of Redbubble! They sent me a thank you letter, personalized, hand written. No joke. These guys are legit. They even e-mailed me a voucher just so I could see the quality of their prints. You know what I snagged? You know I ordered up a tall DONKEY KRANG on a mug and the seductive SUBMIT design on a pillow. Kind of cliche, but hey what can you do — I dig how it came out. And you know what? It translates pretty well to most products! So check it out. Enjoy that sweet sweet Aura of Automation.

Let me tell ya something. The print quality was spectacular. I worried that the colors for Donkey Krang would be lousy because of that bright cyan in the background but that mug came out on fire, dude. And that pillow came out amazing too. I’m very happy to be involved on this website and, I’ll tell you what,  I plan on purchasing some sweet prints from them as well.

So anyway — yeah. That sweet, sweet Aura of Automation teamed with that sweet, sweet Redbubble. I’m as happy as a clam with the way this team up is panning out!

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