Ey, yo. Been in a bit of a creative hiatus. Got a dog which is taking up a lot of my time. But that’s okay.

Missed Comic Con. That’s not okay. At least Spazz got to hit it up.

Anyway, I plan on getting right back into it. Here’s what’s on my agenda:

Awful Alphabet: Killin’ off the “R” for the Awful Alphabet. Then hopefully gaining some momentum from there. I got big plans for this series, dudes. I’m talking prints. A full book. Mugs. Shirts. You name it.

Might do a limited run of each letter. 1 of each and put them in a shop for whoever is interested. Grab your favorite.

Also might do a limited run of like, 3 books, seeing as those are pricey to print [gotta do my research son].

Strange Things Art Origins: Jumpin’ back into that sucker too, but with a different approach. It’s going to be more of a study for layout and comic design. Playing around with perspectives and whatnot, studying the greats and going from there. Saw a killer interview with Jim Lee ,which motivated me on so many levels. Stan Lee conducted the interview, and was annoying as all hell in it, but Jim is on fucking point. The interview looks like it was taken straight from a 1980’s VHS tape. Probably pretty late jumping on the Jim Lee band wagon, but meh. Dude’s an inspiration.

Facebook Polls: They’re coming back. And I can’t wait. I probably won’t spend as much time on them as I did in the past because it gets to the point where it seems like a chore. But if I use them as more of a warm-up/ study, yeah I think it’ll work just fine. Also want to invest in Magna Studio 5 because I hear it trumps Photoshop in the inking department and Adobe Illustrator is just taking too much time.

More blogs, more discussions: We’ll be throwing up our least favorite Pokemon this week. We got some great responses from you guys, so thanks for all the replies. According to my Facebook analytic, the fan interaction was up 16,000% which seems.. Well utterly impossible. But would Facebook lie?

Feelin’ good and inspired. Ready to do some damage this week/weekend. What would you like to see more of?




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