Peachy Keen — Or Is It? You decide.


Sometimes life ain’t that bad, you know?

But it certainly ain’t peachy.

This vexed boy can attest to that. He looks like he’s seen some shit.

Peachy Keen is the addition to the series on Redbubble I’m doing called Fruit Pals! The group basically stemmed from a digital sticker contest. I contributed two ideas: Pizzaface and Bad Apple.

You can see the whole sketchbook page of all the Fruit Pals here. I wasn’t really planning on making them a series, but I had a lot of fun with the first couple I churned out.

Peachy Keen, in my opinion, looks pretty swell on a clock. It’s like he’s incredibly anxious about something approaching in the near future and his time is ticking away. As you know I’m also a sucker for the laptop sleeves too.

I hope to complete the Fruit Pals soon and get them up here on the blog for you to feast your eyes on. They’re full of vitamins and nutrients.

Stay tuned!

PS. There’s a sale at Redbubble today for 25% off Lightweight Hoodies & Lightweight Sweatshirts. Use the code LETSRIDE at checkout. It’s today only.

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