P is for Primitive Possum of Transcendence

Yoga Flame

SURPRISE, SON! AWFUL ALPHABET IS BACK, AGAIN. This sucker here? Oh, it’s just a primitive possum practicing prime levitation skills [alliteration bonus], lookin’ like Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

Yoga flame? Yoga fire? Yoga eat garbage? Yoga play dead? For sure.

Not sure if this even resembles a P, but I’m getting creative with the alphabet game.

That protruding brow suggests he’s some what of a neanderthal. Yet, he has mastered the art of self awareness and spirituality. It’s truly a dichotomy. Maybe that tail looks like he’s poopin’ out a rope, I DON’T CARE. Squeezin’ out rope turds, floating in the void of a subconscious. Deep. [It’s really a tail, though.]

Tricky little bugger of a color palette. I didn’t want to go with the blues and reds, guys! I DIDN’T. But I did. And throw some subtle yellow in there and make that sombitch POP? Okay.

Q’s next? Yup. Heh, already got that sketched out. Here’s some details and some progress for you to wet your whistles with. CLICK THE PICS TO ENLAAAAARGE :

A sketch. GET USED TO IT.
A sketch. GET USED TO IT.
Some pretty pink line work. YA DIG!?
Drop the base... COLORS THAT IS!!!
Drop the base… COLORS THAT IS!!!
Some lights, some darks. Some textures.
Some lights, some darks. Some textures.

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